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Workbench features

Aarhus Cloud


Use the cloud to

run large

inversion jobs

Workbench GIS platform

Aarhus Workbench is based on a GIS platform for easier processing and visualization of data in slices and sections

TEM IP Inversion

Model TEM data with IP effects with a Cole-Cole or Maximum Phase Angle inversion

Combine different data

Import ERT/IP, TEM, FEM, borehole lithology and geophysical logs into the same workspace to compare models and interpretate the geology

Workbench 3D Viewer

Add models, boreholes, sections, grids and more to the Workbench 3D viewer. Create your own 2D and 3D grids

Workbench PDF Tool

Create PDF templates and high resolution PDF reports

Workbench QC tool

Created point themes, grids and images of data and inversion parameters

Workbench Color Scale Editor

Create fully customized smooth and discrete color scales

Workbench  Borehole Logs

Import borehole lithology and geophysical logs for display on GIS, sections and 3D viewer

Workbench Themes

Grind point themes, depth slices, grids and images from geophysical model properties

Aarhus GeoSoftware


Free Aarhus Workbench Viewer

A free Viewer license is available. Users can give this to their customers and clients so they can look at data results, themes and profiles. Contact us for license key.

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