Aarhus Workbench prices

Aarhus Workbench is a 64-bit programs and wont work in 32-bit operating systems.

Prices are pr user.

Airborne modules - contact us for prices.

Airborne modules can be leased pr km or bought.

To lease pr km the Essentials module needs to be purchased (if 2 Essentials are bought, 2 users are available on a leasing license, etc.). Leasing can be affordable for small projects. The price for leasing equals the price for buying at 10000 km.

If a user decides to buy a airborne module, we will subtract the leasing price paid within the last year (up to 10.000 km) and we will also subtract the price for one Essentials module. This means that one can start by leasing and then later decide to buy without having extra expenses.

Please contact sales@aarhusgeosoftware.dk for prices.

Academic institutions are defined as institutions accredited by the government of the country as academic bodies (such as universities and colleges).

Free student licenses for universities for short term courses.

If a university owns an updated license, we offer free student licenses for teaching in courses up to 14 days at the time. We can create one time-limited license that students can use during the course.

Essentials module is the basic module of Aarhus Workbench with GIS interface, visualization, pdf report and 3D viewer. Essentials is necessesary to buy for each license. One license can hold several modules and other modules can be added.

Updates and support

A license is perpetual and includes one year of updates and support. After the first year, there is an annual fee for new software updates and technical support, which is accumulating.

However, the software version provided, and updates downloaded up to one year after the software purchase, can still be used indefinitely if the user chooses not to upgrade.


Payment can be done by bank transfer or credit card. All above prices do not include bank or credit card charges, taxes in the importing country and other expenses to carry out the purchase..