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Microsoft Azure

We use Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VM) for our cloud inversion. It includes Intel Xeon® Platinum 8168-processors (SkyLake) and SSD hard drives for fast inversion times. A user have access to a total of 200 CPU's at any given time. This means it is possible to run 3 inversion with 64 CPU at the same time.
We are using
Microsoft Azure best practices for data security, e.g. Azure Storage encryption for data storage and Secure Transfer for upload of data to the Cloud. Data is deleted directly after download.

Low Priority

Low-priority VM's can significantly reduce the costs of running inversions. The VM's are allocated from surplus capacity and therefore availability varies and they can be closed without warning if they are needed elsewhere, resulting in a lost inversion. This is controlled completely by demand, but it is rarely experienced as even bigger inversion normally don't take more than a few hours. If the server is closed, a new inversion will automatically start again when a server is available.


Payment is done on a monthly basis. It can be done by bank transfer or credit card. All above prices do not include bank or credit card charges, taxes in the importing country and other expenses to carry out the purchase.

Software disclaimer

Aarhus GeoSoftware and Geotomo Software Sdn Bhd makes no warranty that the software will be uninterrupted, secure or error-free. Any expenses made by using the software and the Cloud Inversion products are to be paid by the customer. This includes if the Cloud Inversion fails to succeed and no results are given back to the customer.