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EMMA - ElectroMagnetic Model Analysis (freeware)  - No support is included. 

EMMA is a geophysical application for analysis of electrical and electromagnetic modeling.

It can be used in connection with planning of investigations, development of instruments and education.

EMMA is a user friendly application that makes a non-expert able to calculate results and make model parameter analyses with just a few mouse clicks.

Emma is developed by the HydroGeophysics Group, Aarhus University, Denmark and can be used as a planning and teaching application. 


EMMA - general
In EMMA it is possible to calculate TDEM (Time Domain ElectroMagnetic), FDEM (Frequency Domain ElectroMagnetic) and resistivity results from almost any thinkable source and reciever. Together with each result, model parameters and sensitivity is calculated and shown. The analyses can be performed for different data types. It is also possible to make an analysis of many coupled 1-D models and pseudo 2D models are hereby created - the so called Laterally Constrained Inversion (LCI) method.

Forward modeling and model parameter analysis can be performed for any user defined instrument configuration. The underlying model is a 1-D model with horizontal layers.

EMMA - for teaching
EMMA can simplify complicated material. A target has been to give an intuitive understanding of the geology and the measurements configurations influence on the model results and model parameter resolution. EMMA makes it possible for the non-expert to make complicated calculations.

Terms of usage
EMMA is freeware and must not be sold as a whole or in parts. If parts of the EMMA software is used in other software, the new software must also be freeware with reference to the developers of EMMA. The HydroGeophysics Group, Aarhus University, Denmark does not take responsibility for any loss or inconvenience due to the use of EMMA. All registered users of EMMA will receive notification of updates. 




Write to for installer and a free license key

EMMA notes and examples
EMMA article
Release History


The installation file EMMAInstall.exe must be executed with administrative rights and subsequently the EMMA application will be installed with all necessary files and examples.

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