Geotomo Software prices

Dongles is replaced with an online license key that can be used offline for 30 days and moved between PC's/users.

A existing dongle will be replaced by an online license key when updated and the dongle needs to be returned to Aarhus GeoSoftware or destroyed.

Both Res2DInv and Res3DInv are 64-bit programs and wont work in 32-bit operating systems.

Prices are pr user

  • Res3dinvx64 Basic is limited to 8 GB RAM. It is also limited to a finite-difference/element mesh model with a maximum of 1.6 million nodes.

  • Res3dinvx64 Starter is in addition to the limitations of RES3DINVx64 Basic also limited 1000 electrodes and 5 inversion iterations.

  • Res3dinvx64 Professional supports 3-D time-lapse inversion. Res3dinvx64 Professional can access up to 256GB RAM and the maximum mesh size depends on the computer RAM. With 128GB RAM, it supports up to about 10 million nodes.

  • Res3dinvx64 Enterprise, in addition to Professional, also supports

    • Subdivide large mesh into segments. Possible to perform larger inversions using the same computational resources. (for now IP inversion is only possible using the linear perturbation method when using the subdivision option)

    • Support for vector array datasets, such as the IRIS Full Waver system.

    • Calculation of Volume of Investigation (VOI).

All versions support non-rectangular survey layouts (including inclined boreholes) using the arbitrary electrodes data format, and I.P. inversion using the complex resistivity method.

  • Aarhus Workbench Essentials can import inversion results from Res2DInv/Res3DInv for visualization on GIS interface, sections, depth slices, 3D viewer and PDF reports. It is also possible to import borehole lithology logs and geophysical logs.

Academic Institutions: Academic institutions are defined as institutions accredited by the government of the country as academic bodies (such as universities and colleges).

Upgrades of existing licenses

Upgrade of Starter to Basic: USD 1545

Upgrade of Starter to Professional: USD 3095

Upgrade of Starter to Enterprise: USD 8890

Upgrade of Basic to Professional: USD 1550

Upgrade of Basic to Enterprise:  USD 7345

Upgrade of Professional to Enterprise: USD 5795

Free student licenses for universities for short term courses.

If a university owns an updated license, we offer free student licenses for teaching in courses up to 14 days at the time. We can create one time-limited license that students can use during the course.

Updates and support

A license is perpetual and includes one year of updates and support. After the first year, there is an annual fee for new software updates and technical support, which is accumulating.

However, the software version provided, and updates downloaded up to one year after the software purchase, can still be used indefinitely if the user chooses not to upgrade.


Payment can be done by bank transfer or credit card. All above prices do not include bank or credit card charges, taxes in the importing country and other expenses to carry out the purchase.