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Release of Workbench 5.9, Aarhus Batch Inversion Distributed and conferences/workshops

Workbench 5.9 has been with release with new features such as:

  • Aarhus Batch Inversion Distributed – use local Servers/PC’s for inversion jobs.

  • Speed optimization for Streamed ERT data.

  • Keep raw data for airborne TEM data. Possible to skip all processing filters in data is already processed outside Workbench.

  • Better support for topography and coordinates in ERT import.

  • New Iris Instrument importer. Support for Iris bin files.

  • Several tTEM updates.

  • MPA inversion enabled for airborne TEM IP and ERT/IP inversions.

To see all new features and bug fixes, see release history

To get the newest updates, open Workbench and follow the update instructions.

Aarhus Batch Inversion Distributed

Aarhus Batch Inversion Distributed (ABI) is an addon to Workbench for users who wants to use their local servers or PC's for inversions and queue system.

If enabled the user can choose either all or specific servers/PC's in the local network for the individual inversion. ABI will automatically queue the inversion until a server/PC is available for the inversion job with the selected number of CPU's.

Key features​


  • Choose number of CPUs and servers wanted for inversion and ABI will automatically use the first available server/PC with the number of CPU available.

  • Possible to see the queue of inversions and the users of each inversion.

  • Possible to make a server/PC available only within certain hours. Desktop PC's can then be setup to only be available after working hours.

  • Using the service AarhusRunner to perform performance-demanding computation tasks ordered by ABI.

ABI comes in a free, standard and professional version.

Read more about ABI, prices and installation here.


  • SAGEEP, Portland, March 2019

  • EAGE-GSM, Kuala Lumpur, April 2019

  • AGU-SEG Airborne Geophysical Workshop, Davie, June 2019

  • ExpoGef, Rio de Janeiro, August 2019

  • AEGC, Perth, September 2019

  • EAGE NS, De Hague, September 2019

  • SAGA, Durham, October 2019


AGU-SEG Airborne Geophysical Workshop


Contact us for more information, meetings etc.

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