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Workbench GIS platform


Workbench is developed around a GIS platform that is integrated with the processing- and visualization tools, the Workbench 3D Viewer and PDF Creator.

The GIS platform is included in Workbench Essentials.


Key features

  • Display data and model positions

  • Display lithology logs and geophysical logs

  • Draw sections and add models, logs, grids and images to the section

  • Create and grid themes, such as depth/elevation slices, layer parameters, Depth Of Investigation (DOI) and much more

  • Create QC point themes to evaluate inversion models and parameters

  • Add background maps, images, DEM, shape files or other georeferenced data

  • Select data subareas for inversion setup

  • Linked to the 3D Viewer and processing and visualization tools to locate selected data/models

  • Connect to a WMS, WMTS or WFS server to add background maps via the internet

  • Supports all EPSG coordinate reference systems

  • Linked to the PDF Creator for easy creation of PDF reports

  • Draw points, lines, polygons and save as shape files


WB GIS1.png
WB GIS2.png
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