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Aarhus Batch Inversion Distributed


Aarhus Batch Inversion Distributed (ABI) is an addon to Workbench for users who wants to use their local servers or PC's for inversions and queue system.


If enabled the user can choose either all or specific servers/PC's in the local network for the individual inversion. ABI will automatically queue the inversion until a server/PC is available for the inversion job with the selected number of CPU's.

Key features​

  • Choose number of CPUs and servers wanted for inversion and ABI will automatically use the first available server/PC with the number of CPU available.

  • Possible to see the queue of inversions and the users of each inversion.

  • Possible to make a server/PC available only within certain hours. Desktop PC's can then be setup to only be available after working hours.

  • Using the service AarhusRunner to perform performance-demanding computation tasks ordered by ABI.

  • Efficient and easy to use.



ABI comes in 3 versions:

  • Free version

    • Max 1 inversion in queue

    • max 1 server/PC

    • Max 16 CPU's

  • Standard version

    • Unlimited inversions in queue

    • max 3 servers/PC's

    • Max 16 CPU's

  • Professional version

    • Unlimited inversions in queue

    • Unlimited servers/PC's

    • Unlimited CPU's



See prices here

Download and Installation

Go to our download section to download the Aarhus Runner

service and get installation guides.




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