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Aarhus Cloud Inversion


Aarhus Cloud Inversion (ACI) is a pay pr use feature in Aarhus Workbench for users who needs high-computational power for demanding inversion jobs.

We use Microsoft Azure virtual machines (VM) for our cloud inversion. It includes the newest processors and SSD hard drives for fast inversion times. 

Key features​

  • Choose number of CPUs needed for the inversion.

  • Quick upload of data and download of models from the inversion results.

  • Possible to see the used costs for the actual month.

  • Disconnect the internet, close Aarhus Workbench or the PC during inversion. Active inversions and inversion results can be displayed and downloaded at a later time.

  • Efficient and easy to use. No user difference between cloud and local inversion.

  • We are using Microsoft Azure best practices for data security, e.g. Azure Storage encryption for data storage and Secure Transfer for upload of data to the Cloud. Data is deleted directly after download.



  • Choose between 32, 48 and 64 CPU's.

  • Up to 200 CPUs running in total at any time.

  • Dedicated virtual machines.

  • Possible to choose low priority servers at a lower cost. The VM's are allocated from surplus capacity and they can be closed without warning if they are needed elsewhere, resulting in a lost inversion. This is rarely experienced and if it happens a new inversion will automatically start when a server is available.

Prices and ordering

See here




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