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DC/IP processing and inversion software


Res3DInv is a full featured 3D inversion software for ERT (DC) and IP data. The software offers a simple workflow from data import to inversion and visualization, while still offering full control over inversion parameters for advanced users. The software is highly optimized for speed so that small and medium sized surveys can easily be handled on modern consumer PCs, allowing initial in-field inversion for optimization of surveying efficiency.

The software is very flexible and can handle nearly every imaginable survey configuration, including topography, borehole and subsurface electrodes, spatially extended electrodes, arbitrary electrode locations, electrodes on and in water bodies and streamed electrode configurations.

The software supports visualization of vertical and horizontal resistivity sections, as well as export of data to Aarhus Workbench and to 3D visualization software such as ParaView, Slicer-Dicer, Voxler etc.

Perpetual license options

  • Standard License: license can be unregistered manually within the software. Can be used offline for a limited time.

  • Floating license: license is automatically unregistered when SPIA is closed. Needs internet connection and can not be used offline. Optimal if Res3Dinv is used on several PC's.

Key features​

     All versions

  • Inversion of ERT DC and IP data for resistivity/conductivity and chargeability.

  • Inversion of true 3D datasets as well as datasets combined from 2D survey lines.

  • Supports all common electrode configurations as well as arbitrary electrode configurations, borehole, subsurface and spatially extended electrodes.

  • Supports water layers and and bodies, and streamed electrode configurations.

  • Supports smooth and sharp inversions.

  • Removal of bad data points based on dataset- and inversion statistics.

  • Possibility to incorporate known geophysical information to guide and constrain inversion.

  • Easy visualization of horizontal and vertical sections or export to 3D visualization software.

  • Data import from a wide range of native file formats, including .dat.

  • Export results to Aarhus Workbench Essentials for visualization on GIF, profiles, themes, PDF report and advanced 3D viewer.

     Professional & Enterprise versions

  • Time-lapse inversion of datasets (only professional version), and easy combination of separate datasets into time-lapse datasets.

     Enterprise versions

  • Subdivide large mesh into segments. Possible to perform larger inversions using the same computational resources.

  • Support for vector array datasets, such as the IRIS Full Waver system.

  • Calculation of Volume of Investigation (VOI).

3D Viewer for Res3DInv Basic, Professional and Enterprise versions

  • Add data, models, grids, boreholes, GIS layers, themes and profiles from Workbench to 3D viewer

  • Change threshold, color scale, transparency, colors, point and sizes of models.

  • Make sub views, cut sections and volumes of 3D grids for better presentation.

More visualization in Workbench Essentials

Export results to Aarhus Workbench Essentials for more visualization such as:


  • Add profiles to GIS interface.

  • Create sections and add borehole information.

  • Grid inversion models and make depth slices (resistivity, conductivity etc) on the GIS interface.

  • Create PDF reports with results.

  • Extended 3D viewer.

Res3DInv versions

For all the differences for each version please go to the price page.

Res3DInv -Aarhus GeoSoftware
Res3DInv -Aarhus GeoSoftware
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