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Res2DInv / Res3Dinv

Res2DInv / Res3Dinv is available in the following versions: 

  • Res2DInv 

  • Res2DInv and Res3DInv Basic 

  • Res2Dinv and Res3DInv Professional 



Res3dinvx64 Basic 

  • 8 GB RAM limit 

  • Limited to a finite-difference/element mesh model with a maximum of 1.6 million nodes. 

Res3dinvx64 Professional  

  • Supports 3-D time-lapse inversion.  

  • Up to 256GB RAM  

  • Maximum mesh size is RAM dependent. 128GB RAM supports up to 10 million nodes. 

  • Subdivide large mesh into segments. Perform larger inversions using the same computational resources. (Currently IP inversion is only possible using the linear perturbation method when using the subdivision option) 

  • Support for vector array datasets, such as the IRIS Full Waver system 

  • Calculation of Volume of Investigation (VOI) 

All versions support non-rectangular survey layouts (including inclined boreholes) using the arbitrary electrodes data format, and IP inversion using the complex resistivity method. 

Aarhus Workbench Essentials can import inversion results from Res2DInv/Res3DInv for visualization on GIS interface, sections, depth slices, 3D viewer and PDF reports. 

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