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Download Res2DInv & Res3DInv software


Download Res2DInv 4.10.21 Installer

Download Res2DInv manuals

Download Res2DInv release history


Download Res3DInv 3.19.2 installer

Donwload Res3DInv manuals

Download Res3DInv release history

Both Res2DInv and Res3DInv are 64-bit programs and can not be installed on 32-bit operating systems.



To obtain a license code contact us at

Aarhus Workbench

Inversion results from Res2DInv and Res3DInv can be imported in Aarhus Workbench for advanced visualization, mapping and interpretation  options. An introduction to use Aarhus Workbench together with Res2DInv and Res3DInv can be downloaded here.

Geotomo Wiki page

Our wiki page includes manuals, guides etc for Geotomo software.

Download old Res2DInv & Res3DInv versions

Old Res2DInv and Res3DInv versions back to August 2020, can be downloaded here

For version before August 2020, contact us.

The table below shows which version fits to the support date of the license.

No support is given on older Res2Dinv & Res3DInv versions.

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