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Workbench Quality Check (QC) Tool


Use Workbench QC Tool to created point themes, grids and images on the GIS Platform, of data and model parameters. Display the fit of the models, areas of uncertainty, Depth Of Investigation (DOI), inverted vs. start parameters, etc. More than 60 QC themes are available.

The Workbench QC Tool is included in Workbench Essentials. 


Key features

  • Create all selected themes in one go.

  • Choose themes for within Layers, Standard Deviation (STD), Data, Altitude, DOI and System parameters

  • Fully customizable color scale, GIS display symbol and size, layer selection and auto scale

  • Display the themes as points or grid them with Inverse Distance or Kriging interpolation.

Read our wiki page on the QC Tool and all the themes available.


QC tool2.png
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