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Download FireBird

FireBird 2.5.4 can be downloaded here:


Download FireBird v. 2.5.4



Firebird Server 2.5.4 is the database server for Aarhus Workbench on the local machine or on the file server holding the Aarhus Workbench workspace and databases.



  1. Login as administrator.

  2. If an older version of Firebird Server already is installed, it must be uninstalled from Windows control panel. Remove all shared files as part of the uninstall.

  3. Download the new server installation from above.

  4. Use the default installation with the changes listed and shown below for optimal compatibility.

  5. Install with Classic Server rather than Super Server.

  6. Check the box to copy the Firebird client library to the <system> directory.

  7. Also do this on any file server that holds shared drives used for Aarhus Workbench workspaces or databases. 



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