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New release of Aarhus Workbench

We have released version 5.3 of Aarhus Workbench which includes new features such as:

  • A new report tool for creating pdf reports with results, maps and profiles.

  • A streamed ERT module for continuously towed ERT data which can use measured water resistivity and depth in the inversion.

  • ERT/IP importer for Iris Syscal data.

  • ERT/IP importer for Instrumentation GDD instruments.

For all new features and fixes see release doc in Aarhus Workbench.

For update open Aarhus Workbench and follow the update instructions.

Streamed ERT module

We have released the new Streamed ERT module. It supports continuously towed ERT data and the user can import water resistivity and depth as a priori information in the inversion. Read more

Report tool

With the new release our Essentials module now includes the report tool. The user can either create their own pdf templates or use an existing template for creating high resolution pdf reports with results from maps, profiles, quality check etc.

The report editor is directly linked to Workbench and includes many tools to setup the report as needed. To get started see guides on our wiki page.

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