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New features to Res2DInv and Res3DInv

New updates are out for Res2DInv (ver. 4.8.1) and Res3DInv (ver. 3.13.50):

  • Res3DInv: Scatter plots for calculated versus measured apparent resistivity and I.P. data.

  • Res3DInv: Screen dump to BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and GIF formats.

  • Res3DInv: Finite-element mesh size limit for Res3dinvx64 Basic increased to 1.5 million nodes.

  • Res2DInv: Model with borehole electrodes saved to xyz file with global coordinates if present.

  • Res2DInv: Option to save output model in Paraview vtk format. I.P. model values automatically saved with resistivity values and a second vtk file is automatically generated if global coordinates present.

  • Res2DInv : Possible to remove a series of data points using the ‘Exterminate bad data points’ option by using mouse right click the first and last data point in a profile.

To get the newest updates, just open Res2DInv or Res3DInv and an update window will open or download the new installer from our webpage.

If you are using dongles, contact us to update to the newest versions.

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