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Aarhus GeoSoftware has bought back shares from Guideline Geo AB

In the fall of 2016, Guideline Geo AB invested in Aarhus GeoSoftware and there has been a great collaboration within the area of TEM and ERT during the following years. Today, the two companies are moving towards different interests and in mutually agreement, Aarhus GeoSoftware bought back all shares from Guideline Geo AB by end December 2019.

Guideline Geo AB will continue to be a reseller for Aarhus GeoSoftware, and we will continue to have a good collaboration.

The support for SPIA DC, SPIA TEM and Workbench for the ABEM WalkTEM and Terrameter products will continue in the future.

For any further information, contact:

Toke Højbjerg Søltoft

CEO, Aarhus GeoSoftware

Tel: +45 6165 6570

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