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AGS Workbench 6.8 and SPIA 3.8 Release

AGS Workbench 6.8 and SPIA 3.8 are out now and available to download on MySeequent with a Seequent ID. With new tools, visualisation features, and licensing system, this release continues to streamline your EM, ERT, and IP workflows while allowing you to tailor every step from raw data to final geophysical models and present results confidently.

With Workbench 6.8, you can view depth/elevation slices and GIS model themes in a customisable grid format, use any existing models as prior constraints for a new SCI inversion, and export 1D models to the Leapfrog drill hole format. Moreover, the new airborne TEM data processing filter corrects for tilt, and the Hydro-Structural Modelling extension now calculates and exports a silhouette index with Cluster Models. To further enhance productivity, Workbench 6.8 also includes significant improvements to workflow navigation with better synchronisation across channels, essential keyboard shortcuts, and an option to increase your display and processing viewing area by hiding the toolbar.

Head to MySeequent to upgrade to SPIA 3.8 for improved interoperability between Oasis montaj and SPIA. With support for the Oasis montaj GBD file format, now you can easily export models from AGS SPIA and import them into Oasis montaj, where you can view them alongside other geoscience data.

With Seequent ID, licensing administration is simple, allowing users to assign licences to others in their organisation and monitor usage.

To download and install the new Workbench 6.8 or SPIA 3.8, log in to MySeequent with your Seequent ID. If you don't have a Seequent ID, create one here with the same email address you have for your existing AGS licence. If you don't know the email address associated with your license, contact your software administrator.

For any questions, contact

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