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New Workbench 6.5 released

Workbench 6.5 is released with new features. Some of them are:

New SCI inversion tool New tool to create a few-layered inversion from existing smooth layer models. With this tool, it is possible to calculate the model fit for a number of layers in a few-layer model. This model fit will help selection the best estimated number of layers for the inversion. Get help with the tool by using the F1 help function in Workbench. Tempest importer The importer for the airborne Tempest system now supports data units in PPM and receiver pitch and roll for inversion. Firebird database Workbench now uses an embedded Firebird engine. The installed Firebird service from previous versions is no longer used. New importer for the Loupe EM profiling system The ground based TEM module in Workbench now includes an importer for the data files from the Loupe EM system. With the importer it is possible to see and edit the instrument specifications. Export profiles with batch tool Profile images can now be created and exported with fixed scales for the Batch Profiles tool. Topography on ERT model Add topography to ERT model selections from LCI inversions. More features and fixes in the release history

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