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Release of Aarhus Workbench 6.1

Workbench 6.1

New features

  • 2D grids, bitmaps and point themes can now be exported as a batch. When clicking the export button a list of all available grids, bitmaps or point themes is available for select and export.

  • Point themes and grid images can now be created as a batch. A list of available grids or themes is displayed in the images and point themes tools.

  • Edit themes and point themes can now be done as a batch with a list of available themes.

  • New tool for applying standard deviation to gates around sign changes for TEM data with IP effects.

  • In batch gridding there is a new option to not add the created grids to the GIS map.

  • Maximum size of pixel for export of bitmaps has increased.

  • It is now possible to add new model quality maps to existing model quality nodes.

  • IP parameters can now be added to the 3D viewer.

  • It is now possible to load/unload data from memory for frequency airborne and ground based data. This is useful for large workspaces where the memory is limited on the PC.

  • 1st layer a priori resistivity and depth now has its own running mean width filter for ground based frequency data.

  • Altitude processing of airborne frequency data now has its own running mean width and polynomial interpolation order.

  • Keyboard shortcuts for the GIS has changed from Alt + key to ctrl + shift + key

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