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Release of Aarhus Workbench 6.2

Aarhus Workbench 6.2 is released and includes many new features:

  • New pre-processing tool for ERT/IP data from the ABEM Terrameter LS 2. With this new import tool, it is possible to remove harmonic noise, spike and drift removal and gating of IP data. Read more on this new tool here.

  • New faster color scale editor with new features: User defined number and value of tics User defined format of tic values

  • Batch profiles tool has been optimized for speed and comes with several new synchronization features.

  • Batch edit images

  • Speed optimization of SCI inversion setup (up to 80%)

  • Speed optimization of Airborne EM import (up to 75%)

  • New general model import with support for Depth Of Investigation.

  • 3D gridding tool now supports Depth Of Investigation.

  • 3D Viewer supports Depth Of Investigation from 3D grids.

  • And much more…

See all new features and bug fixes in the release history.

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