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Release of Aarhus Workbench 6.3 Cloud inversion, new inversion setup, GIS interface update and much

Aarhus Cloud Inversion (ACI)

Aarhus Workbench now introduce Cloud Inversion for faster inversion of large datasets. It uses Microsoft Azure Cloud and is a pay-pr-use service.

Key features​

  • Choose number of CPUs (32, 48 or 64) for the inversion.

  • Quick upload of data and download of models from the inversion results.

  • Possible to see the used costs for the actual month.

  • Possible to close Aarhus Workbench or the PC during inversion. Active inversions and inversion results can be downloaded later.

  • Efficient and easy to use. No user difference between cloud and local inversion.

Read more about our Cloud Inversion and see prices here:

Contact us, if you are interested in being registered to use the ACI function.

New inversion setup

Our LCI/SCI inversion setup has been updated and now comes with several new features:

  • Possible to run Cole-Cole and Maximum Phase Angle inversion for airborne TEM, towed TEM and SPIA TEM data in SCI inversion.

  • New LCI/SCI option for TEM with negative data. Keep, remove or remove from first negative data point.

  • New LCI option to choose a subset of frequency EM airborne and ground based (GCM) data for inversion. Choose from profile distance or line number.