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Significant performance improvements in the new Res3DInv release.

Res2Dinv 3.19.0 has been released with significant performance improvements.

For large data sets, four sub-procedures have gained a large performance boost. For example, our testing indicates that a data set with about 110,000 point electrodes and 650,000 measurements took more than two hours to load and prepare for inversion in older versions. With the new version, this was now completed in about a minute.

One of the optimized sub-procedures also improves the performance of the grid-editing capabilities within the ‘Display/edit grid and view point electrodes’ feature. Here, the user can refine the model grid interactively by adding horizontal or vertical grid lines. Earlier each click would result in a recalculation that could take several minutes. Now, the recalculation is so fast that the response of the program is only a few seconds for the largest data set. This practically enables the use of this feature for large data sets.

The new features are:

  • Very large reduction of time spent by several procedures called during load of large datasets: Check of data positions, electrode number calculations, check of topography data and calculations of nearest point electrodes.

  • Less restrictive limitations for the number of electrodes allowed in a given data set for professional and enterprise license.

  • For the ‘Splice large survey grids’ (enterprise license only), the possible number of subdivisions in each horizontal dimension has been increased.

See all features and fixes in the release history

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