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Workbench 2024.1 release

Workbench 2024.1 is available to download on MySeequent with a Seequent ID. This release of Workbench streamlines the workflow for processing and interpreting electromagnetic (EM) data. This version offers a more intuitive visualisation experience with features like undockable sounding plots, an x-axis hide option for synced charts, and uniform colour scales for model comparison. It simplifies EM data management with new importers and enhanced data export capabilities, accelerates model loading, and provides easier inversion setup for cloud users. Additionally, it introduces tools for optimizing inversions and targeting a priori data, along with a new wiki page for user support.


Release highlights


  • Significant improvements to Views

  • New TEM data importers

  • Create data processing nodes from time, distance, lines or number of measurements

  • Performance improvements for models

  • Data export improvements

  • More inversion setup features including new a priori options

  • New Wiki page for help and guides


Watch a demonstration video to learn more or head to MySeequent to read the release notes and upgrade now.  

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