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New release of Res2DInv and Res3DInv

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Reduced inversion time, faster 3D visualisation, new 3D time-lapse settings, and a floating license option

Res2DInv 4.10.20 and Res3DInv 3.19.1 is out now with several performance updates including a floating license option and new 3D time-lapse collating settings.

Floating license option

The latest releases of Res2DInv and Res3DInv simplifies users’ workflow when using different machines. With floating licenses, users can choose to have their license automatically unregister when closing the software. This eliminates the need to manually unregister when you want to use a different computer that the software was originally licensed to, making it easier to move between office and home-based PCs, for example.


The startup time for Res2Dinv has been substantially reduced, making it quicker to start new projects, and the importer for the Instrumentation GDD data file has been updated to support the latest format.

To decrease inversion time and ripple effects for long ERT-profiles with small electrode distances, the max block width has been increased to 30 x electrode spacing.


Performance update

Inversion time has been reduced up to 25% and visualisation of large 3D models in the 3D viewer has been optimised, making it faster to stop large inversions when you achieve satisfactory results.

Time-lapse options

Achieve optimal time-lapse results with better options when collating data files into a time-lapse file, include measurements or ignore those that are not present at all time-steps, and convert to apparent resistivity.

To upgrade to Res2DInv 4.10.20 or Res3DInv 4.19.1, open the software and follow the update instructions or download the newest installer from the webpage.

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