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Release of Res3DInv Enterprise version

Release of Res3DInv Enterprise Edition

We are proud to release the new Res3Dinv enterprise Edition. It contains all the features from the Professional version but also include new features such as:

  • Option to subdivide large inversions into segments to reduce computer time, memory and disk space required.

  • Support for vector array data sets for arrays with a two-component receiver such as the IRIS FullWaver System.

  • Volume Of Investigation calculations.

  • Calculation of point-spread-function to give a measure of how widely the information from a region of the subsurface is spread out to the surrounding model cells in the inversion model.

Read more about the new function in the updated Res3DInv manual.

Read more about Res3DInv Enterprise and prices on our website:

Updates for Res2DInv and Res3DInv

Res2DInv and Res3DInv have been updated to version 4.9.11 and 3.17.33 with several new features and fixes:


  • Borehole data sets automatically converted to subsurface points electrodes format.

  • Option to adjust the cutoff factor for L1-norm model constraint automatically added.

  • The fast ‘incomplete Gauss-Newton’ (linear conjugate gradient) method can now be used for the main inversion iterations if the option to calculate the model resolution is selected. Previous versions automatically select the full Gauss-Newton method which can be significantly slower for very large data sets and models

  • The user can now select which iteration number to use in the ‘RMS error statistics’ option to display the misfits for any iteration in the file with the inverse model.

  • Fixed bug in selecting the biggest buffer drive automatically for some system setups.


  • Fixed possible bug in setting model refinement options when loading inversion settings from .ivp file.

  • Fixed bug causing program to crash in rare instances if failing to erase temporary files during inversion.

To see all new features and bug fixes, see release history.

To get the newest updates, open Res2DInv/Res3DInv and follow the update instructions or download the new installer from our webpage.

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