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Res2Dinv 2024.1 release

AGS Res2DInv 2024.1 is available to download on MySeequent with a Seequent ID.  This release continues to improve the processing and analysis of ERT/IP geophysical survey data, making the journey from data collection to inverted models and interpretation smoother. Developed in response to customer feedback, this release introduces improved electrode data management, making it simpler to modify and integrate data, alongside visual comparison tools for a more cohesive analysis. 

Release highlights 

  • Electrode management: Directly edit electrode coordinates and elevations with a visual interface. 

  • Sync colour scales and x-axes: Compare models with synchronized colour scales and x-axis lengths. 

  • Export to Geosoft grid: Share inversion results between Res2DInv and Oasis montaj. 

  • Autocorrect data before import: Refine datasets automatically for error-free import and improved data reliability. 

  • Merge 2D data: Combine multiple 2D datasets using a simple interface. 

  • Real-time colour scale preview: Instantly preview colour scale adjustments. 

  • Print to scale: Export charts with precision to maintain consistency in reports and presentations. 

  • Geometric factor filter: Efficiently clean data by filtering based on geometric factors. 

Res2DInv 2024.1 also introduces user-friendly upgrades, including easy-to-spot chart highlighting, adjustable text sizes, simple file naming, and improved data logging, all designed to make your workflow smoother and more intuitive. 

Watch a demonstration video to learn more or head over to MySeequent to read the release notes and upgrade now.   

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