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Aarhus Workbench v. released

We have released a new update for Aarhus Workbench.

Release history:

New Features

  • Node renaming features are now available for most node types.

  • Export xyz files for GCM and HEM inversions (LCI and SCI).

  • Sections re-enabled for LCI inversions.

  • Airborne TEM GPS processing: ‘Reposition in x-direction’ has been changed to ‘Move GPS in x-direction from frame center’, i.e. we now relocate relative to frame center instead of relative to GPS position.

  • View Release History from File tab.

  • Show length of a new profile while drawing on the map.

  • Added more values to the drop-down list of standard deviations on the chart.

  • Changed functionality of Zoom To Layer. A small margin between the layer and the edge of the map is added.

Corrected bugs

  • ‘Use Selection for’ functionality fixed.

  • Fixed ‘No parameters stored for the ColorScale’ bug that could occur when clicking on profiles in newly created workspaces.

  • Fixed a problem with file processing that would prevent SCIs from running.

  • Fixed a problem that prevented the database from rebuilding after inverting a new SCI node.

  • Print out gate open times and gate widths in tem file for SkyTEM xyz format.

  • When importing groundbased TEM models, only one model was shown on profiles.

  • ‘Auto scale resistivities’checkbox for SCI inversions was not set correctly with the value from registry.

  • Bug fixed in show inversion result for SkyTEM data imported as xyz-files. This only affected models with no low moment and was only a visualization problem.

  • Bugfix for deleting HEM and GCM models.

  • Bugfix for ‘Add Topography’ functionality for airborne TEM.

  • File extension is now case insensitive for geometry files.

  • Added check for empty fields when reading data from shape files.

  • ERT: Sounding distance for 2D inversions is now locked to be the electrode distance.

  • ERT: Max resistivity is set to 95000.

  • ERT bug fixes on the processing window:

- ‘Electrode Map Symbols’-button is removed.

- Small fixes on the statistics tab.

- Max slope on the processing tab now has more options.

- The Pseudo Section is now automatically updated when the slope filter is applied.

  • Fixed hot/down issue for buttons on GIS and Chart tabs.

  • Bugfix for export of ERT data to MasterGERDA (relevant to Danish users).

  • Solved issue that prevented SCI of GCM and HEM data from being written to database.

  • Export model issue caused by invalid registry entry was solved.

  • Exporting raw data would fail for workspaces with more than one map.

  • Fixed adding grid layers to map on newly installed OS.The “gdal_translate.exe” was missing a file (MSVCP71.dll).

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