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SPIA version 3 released

We are happy to announce SPIA version 3 which includes several new features.

SPIA VES is renamed to SPIA DC and now supports all 4-electrode configurations.

Some of the new features are:

Update of ribbon user interface including hints.

  • Support for all EPSG coordinate reference systems (in meters)

  • Significant speed-up in load of projects.

  • inversion using L1 norm (‘Blocky’ mode') instead of L2 norm (‘Smooth’ mode).

  • Possibility to use external start model.

  • SPIA DC: Support for import of different configurations (Schlumberger, Wenner, dipole-dipole, and general).

  • SPIA TEM: Copy sounding feature.

  • SPIA TEM: Possibility to move GPS position to receiver position.

  • Possibility to export model as image or CSV file.

  • ESF/Amira importer: Support for import and inversion of X and Y receiver components

For all changes, see release history

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