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Release of Workbench 5.6

We are proud to release Workbench 5.6 with many new features.

3D viewer

A new 3D viewer is available. Add data, profiles, models, boreholes, grids and more to view and present data in a 3D environment.

SCI inversion for SPIA TEM data

With Workbench Essentials it is now possible to open a SPIA database with TEM data and do an SCI inversion. This is a 1D inversion with 3D constraints, and is useful for field projects where TEM soundings are made in a close grid. A guide is available at our wiki page.

Support for all EPSG coordinate systems

Workbench now support transformation of all EPSG coordinate systems, and workspaces can be created in all EPSG coordinate system that have meters as units. So it is now possible to use local referenced coordinate systems.

Other new features:

  • Support for water resistivity and depth as a priori information for inversion of GCM data

  • Add DOI (Depth Of Investigation) on interpolated profiles.

  • possible to set maximum number of iteration during inversion

  • bug fixes

See release history for the complete list.

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