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Release of Workbench 5.7

We have released Workbench 5.7 with many new features.:

  • 40-layer inversion models supported

  • New 3D gridding option of inversion models for 3D Viewer

  • Cole-Cole and Maximum Phase Angle (MPA) inversion for airborne data with IP-effects (test-phase)

  • Depth Of Investigation (DOI) for all IP parameters

  • Themes and QC visualization for all IP parameters

  • New optimized AarhusInv inversion code (ver. 8.11) with new advanced configuration setup

  • New inversion setup for airborne HEM and TEM data.

  • Run res2DInv from Workbench

  • Bug fixes

To see all new features and bug fixes, see release history

To get the newest updates, open Workbench and follow the update instructions or download the new installer from our webpage.

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