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SPIA 3.6 released

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

New import features, external start model loading, an embedded database engine, and a floating license option

SPIA 3.6 is out now and includes several new options for data import, easy start model loading, faster installation, and a new floating license option.

Load external start model

In the advanced inversion setup, it is possible to load a start model from a file, makeing it easier to import prior information from borehole resistivity logging, for example. The loaded start model is automatically saved as the default start model if it used in an inversion, until it is reset to default.

Import options

Several importers have been updated with new options. With SPIA 3.6 it is possible to add data from an existing SPIA project into an open SPIA project, making it easy to merge data from different projects. As well, the TEMFAST importer can hold several measurements in the same data file for easy import.

Floating license option

With floating licenses users can choose to have their license automatically unregister when closing the software. This eliminates the need to manually unregister when you want to use a different computer that the software was originally licensed to, making it easier to move between office and home-based PCs, for example.

Embedded Firebird database engine

Now with an embedded Firebird 2.5 database engine, the Firebird service can be uninstalled, and new users of SPIA are no longer required to install the 3rd party application. This makes the installation of SPIA 3.6 faster.

To upgrade to SPIA 3.6, open the software and follow the update instructions or download the newest installer from the webpage.

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